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Start and stop at your own leisure. This is more than just a course. It's a virtual cinematic retreat for your mind, body, and spirit, accessible from anywhere in the world. Your cozy corner becomes your portal to transformation.

  • Identify and face fear to discover your true potential, understand its secrets, and master this ever-present emotion.

  • Uncover the emotional turmoil fear has caused and leave transformed, equipped, and renewed.

  • Travel inward and outward, virtually escaping to a serene mountain setting.

  • Find freedom from fear, a universal human experience, and unlock a limitless life.

What's Included In A Virtual Retreat?

  • Immersive Experience

    Virtual fireside reflections, guided meditations, journaling sessions, and powerful exercises.

  • Flexible Learning

    Learn and evolve at your own pace, with the freedom to pause, rewind, and revisit.

  • Supportive Community

    Connect and find inspiration, encouragement, and support from like-minded travelers.

  • Tools for Transformation

    Gain practical tools and knowledge to conquer fear and unlock your full potential.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session

    Opportunity to schedule an exclusive coaching session with Lauren Francisco to personalize your learnings and address specific challenges.

Virtual Retreat Itinerary

No need to pack a bag, just an open mind.

    1. Important Message From Your Life Coach

    2. How Can I Help? (Optional Survey)

    3. Virtual Retreat Packing List! 🧳

    4. The Start of The Journey: Car Talk

    1. Welcome To Your Virtual Mountain Cabin ⛰️

    2. Introduction

    3. 🔑 3 Keys To Mastering Fear

    4. Test your learning

    5. Setting Intentions

    6. The Faces of Fear

    7. Mapping Your Fear Landscape

    8. Embracing The Wise Teacher

    1. Sunrise Meditation

    2. Facing The Shadows

    3. Building Your Courage Toolkit

    4. Break Time: Practice Mindfulness

    5. Rehearsing Future Scenarios: A Guided Visualization

    6. What's In Your Toolkit?

    7. Fear Release Bonfire

    1. Sunrise Meditation

    2. Living Fearlessly

    3. Farewell & Celebration

    4. Limitless Possibilities

    1. Resource

    2. Check-In! (Optional Survey)

A limitless life awaits. Begin your ascent to courage and clarity today!

  • 25 lessons

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